Colloquia of Dr. Javier Cortés, Jefe de Sección de cáncer de mama y tumores ginecológicos del Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal. "Presente y futuro en la lucha contra el cáncer de mama: la eficacia de la terapia antiHER2". Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm , en la Sala de Conferencias del CFMAC, c/Serrano 121, Madrid.


TeatrIEM Theater Group. La tortuga de Darwin. Sunday, February 18, 2018, at 19:00 pm, at Sala Trovador, calle San José, 3, Madrid.

An international team including researchers from IEM has shown that water can remain liquid at -43 C, the lowest temperature ever recorded.
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2017 Annual report

Mercedes Martín-Benito, former PhD student of the IEM, awarded the Bronstein Prize in Loop Quantum Gravity.

Researchers of the Experimental Nuclear Physics Group at the IEM demonstrate that in some cases the electromagnetic interaction can compete with the strong interaction although it is much weaker.

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Institute for the Structure of Matter

The IEM was established in 1976. Initially, the Institute was formed by several researchers working on the fields of Particle Physics, Molecular Physics, Quantum Chemistry, and Crystalline Polymers, with only five scientists on staff. Nowadays the Institute's core mission is to enhance knowledge on the structure of matter in a wide range of physical scales, from the building blocks of matter and space-time, to nuclei, atoms, molecules, and macromolecules, including condensed matter and mesoscopic systems.

Research activities are organized around groups, both experimental and theoretical, covering fields of Gravitational, Nuclear, Statistical, Atomic, Molecular, and Macromolecular Physics. Part of this research is based on large national and international facilities, such is the case for the groups of Experimental Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, and Macromolecular Physics.

Currently, the IEM comprises about 45 staff scientists. IEM participates in over 60 research projects, yielding an average of 165 publications per year in prestigious scientific journals. Staff scientists, along with support staff, students and hired personnel add up to about 135 people.

Since 1994 the IEM belongs to the "Miguel Antonio Catalán" Physics Center (CFMAC) .

Its facilities and laboratories are located in four buildings at the main CSIC campus on Serrano St. in Madrid , which also house the facilities of the Institute of Optics and the Institute of Fundamental Physics .


Here you will find the list of members of the Institute, as well as the office number, phone extension, and e-mail address.

Service Units

This section contains the different Service Units of the Institute, such as Administration, Maintenance, Warehouse, Library, etc.