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Meeting on DIPSS (Dust and Ice Particles Spectroscopy and Scattering)
Granada 25‐28 September 2017
Invited talks: 30 min + 15 min discussion; short talks: 10 min + 5 min discussion

Schedule Monday 25 Sep
9:30‑9:45 Documentation and Opening remarks
   Chair: Fernando Moreno
9:45‑10:30 R. Duffard, IAA: “TNOs and icy object in our Solar System: What we need from you”
10:30‑11:15 J. Escobar, IAA: "The IAA Comisc Dust Laboratory"
11:15‑11:45 Coffee Break
   Chair: Víctor J. Herrero
11:45‑12:30 Yu‐Jung Chen, NCU: “VUV spectroscopy to ice photochemistry and photophysics”
12:30‑13:15 E. Dartois, CNRS-INSU: "Possible/observed dust grains growth in the ISM?"
13:15‑15:15 Lunch
15:15‑16:00 Visit laboratories at IAA
16:45‑20:00 Visit to Alhambra (3 hours)
Schedule Tuesday 26 Sep
   Chair: Olga Muñoz
9:30‑10:15 R. A. West, JPL: “Aerosols on (exo)planetary atmospheres"
10:15‑11:00 C. Jaeger, MPIA: "Formation and processing of silicates and carbon in the ISM"
11:00‑11:30 Coffee Break
   Chair: Rafael Escribano
11:30‑12:15 N. Watanabe, ILTS: “Strong temperature dependence of H2 nuclear spin conversion on ice: what controls the rate?"
12:15‑13:00 A. Kouchi, ILTS: “Observation of liquid-like behavior of UV-irradiated amorphous ices"
13:00‑15:00 Lunch
   Chair: Naoki Watanabe
15:15‑16:30 15 min talks:
Y. Oba, ILTS: "Formation of deuterated molecules by photolysis of intersteller ice analogs containing deuterated methanol isotopologs"
T. Hama, ILTS: "An experimental study toward understanding the ortho-to-para ratio of interstellar water";
S. Ishizuka, ILTS: "Time and spatial resolved IR spectroscopy for refractory nanoparticle formation in vapor";
T. Tomaru, ILTS: "Laboratory studies on the surface reaction of hydrogen sulfide with H or D atoms at low temperatures"
16:30‑17:00 Coffee Break
   Chair: Belén Maté
17:00‑18:15 15 min talks:
M. Lampón & L. Lara, IAA: "Clouds and hazes in exoplanetary atmospheres: exotic solids in classical reducing atmospheres"
D. Guirado, IAA: "Macroscopical analytical model for diffuse and specular reflection by mm-sized grains. Comparison to laboratory results"
V. Timón, IEM: "A tentative ab initio structures study of methanetiol crystalline and amorphous ices"
G. Molpeceres, IEM: "Silicate mediated interstellar water formation: A theoretical study"
20:00 Dinner
Schedule Wednesday 27 Sep
   Chair: Emmanuel Dartois
9:30‑10:15 O. Roncero et al., IFF: "A resonant energy transfer toy model for CO ice";
C. González, CAB-CSIC, “Accretion and desorption of CO”
10:15‑11:00 M.A. Satorre,"Ice, laboratory and structure: some facts and many dreams"
11:00‑11:30 Coffee Break
   Chair: Miguel Angel Satorre
11:30‑12:15 B. Maté, IEM: “Recent experiments at IEM Ice lab”
12:15‑13:00 H. Cánovas, “Dust in protoplanetary disks/transition disks”
13:00‑15:00 Lunch
15:15‑18:00 Discusión y Clausura Red Polvo Cósmico (Spanish)
Thursday 28 September
9:00 Visit to Calar Alto Observatory and Round Table Discussion